Metatron Synopsis



We propose to introduce you to what has been internationally recognised as the most advanced diagnostic and health research monitoring devices of the 21’s century. A relatively inexpensive device that accurately records in detail the current (baseline) health in real time of a patient.The technology is totally computer controlled and is programmed to compare the subject with an identical “virtual individual” with perfect health of the same gender, age and blood type.


The increasing number of “unwell people” who have become concerned as to why the current medical system has not been able to find out and fix their physical, emotional, or spiritual health is alarming. Many have realized that there has to be another way and increasing numbers seek the help from alternate wellness centres with the hope that they can find out what is causing their issues well before they start to feel the symptoms. The majority of health professionals are only able to diagnose and name, or give an opinion, that a diseased condition exists well after the patient has described their symptoms. Reliance on descriptions of symptoms and not seeking what has caused the symptoms is the norm. There is too much treating the symptoms being practised and not what has caused the symptoms.

Many preconditions or stages for a long time have silently being taking place prior to the point of concern before the patient realises that something is not right and starts to feel the need to seek help. In other words diagnosis is currently dependant on the patient presenting with symptoms and success depends on the interpretative skills and the availability of invasive testing equipment and procedures, that are currently available for the Practitioner to make decisions or give an opinion. Luck could play an important role in determining success or failure for many patients.


The technology is called a Metatron Non Linear Scanner (NLS) and had been developed by highly recognised Russian Scientists since the space-race in the 1960s. The developers of the technology and devices have won numerous international and national awards for their contribution to science and medicine.

The Metatron NLS scanner is a scientifically proven medical and research device that is able to discover with an accuracy of <95% that a client has pre-existing health issues that need correcting well in advance of feeling any symptoms. This is vital to stop diseases from developing well before starting to achieve total wellness. To name a few: lead poisoning, is lacking Lithium, or has a pancreas that is unable to produce enough Insulin to manage blood sugar levels, has Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, is lacking iron in the hemoglobin, is lacking iodine in the thyroid, has a leaky heart valve, has been incorrectly diagnosed, is showing early signs of gall stones, has ligament damage, has early signs of a cataract developing, has a prostate cyst, has early stage arteriosclerosis, etc, etc. This knowledge gives the healer and the client far more direction and power for making better decisions to achieve total wellness. It will monitor at any time in the future the percentages of changes that have resulted because of the previous informed decisions made by the healers.


We are an experienced Product Research and Development Consortium, that has been involved with natural health and many traditional natural medicinal products for well over 25 years. In Australia we have been using the Metatron NLS devices for researching several of our Natural Products and in conjunction with both The Queensland University and Griffith University, Brisbane, we have presented several “Proof of Concept Studies” at international medical conferences in Australia and the UK since 2012.

We represent The Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) in Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu and the South Pacific Islands, who originated, created, developed and manufacture the Metatron Non Linear Scanners technology and devices. We train and certify all genuine Metatron operators.

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