Metatron Introduction




The Non Linear Scanning (NLS) technology is Russian and evolved from the work that came from the space-race. The Russian Cosmonauts went into space with an electronic medical device now known as a RADIONICS BOX or machine. This small electronic device enabled the individual Cosmonauts to monitor any biological changes that occurred and then reset or treat any organ, body part or illnesses whose frequency was detected and identified as altered or changed. They used frequency manipulation, rather than traditional medicines or chemical drugs to monitor or retain their health.

The Russians Cosmonauts returned to earth with much better health records than the Americans and they were reported to be back to normal health within two to three days after their landings. The American Astronauts went into space with a large medicine chest that was heavy and bulky. This medical kit added extra weight and took up a lot of area in the limited space available in their space vehicles. It has been reported that the Americans took between 12 to 18 months to fully recover from the sicknesses and other medical problems which they had developed in space. Some Astronauts never did recover from the ‘space problems’ they brought back.

The Americans had to rely on “OPINION-BASED DIAGNOSIS” and the use of drug or chemical medications prescribed to them from an earth-based doctor. The doctor had to make decisions from the description of the medical symptoms as described by the men in space. This is the same ‘orthodox medicine’ protocol still being used today, i.e. opinion-based judgments that could possibly be flawed.

Obviously the Russian technology was superior.

Following the days of the space race the original system of the “radionics box” continued to be developed by the Russian military. The military Scientists, engineers and doctors had realised that the new diagnostic and healing protocol had a great future in medicine.


The military work continued under the leadership of the Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov (1921–1988), who was the uncle of Vladimir Nesterov who is the present principal of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP). IPP still own all of the “Intellectual Property” (IP) which originated from the “Space Race” and they continue with this NLS development work today.

The Russian military eventually transferred the people, equipment and the development of the project’s control to the Communistic Government to continue the work. Obviously, hundreds of thousands of man-hours went into the development and only the military and the communist government could afford the costs. They had no shortage of money and manpower. Without their financial and physical support we would not have this technology today.

Academician Vladimir Nesterov introduced the term NLS-diagnosis (Non-Linear-Scanning) after more than 25 years of hard work with the employees of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP). This followed the previous work of Academician Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov who invented the underlying technology of the trigger sensor, at the beginning of 1990’s.

Clinical trials of the first systems were carried out in the period from 1992 to 1999. The beginning of the new 21s century was marked with quick growth of the commercialisation and manufacturing of the systems and as the technology developed significant improvement of acquired results’ accuracy also improved.

The method of NLS-diagnosis created by IPP has many distinct advantages over the other methods of medical visualization created by MRI, CT and Ultrasound devices because they can only detect pathological conditions well after they have formed or in the later stages of development of a disease. The advantage of NLSdiagnosis is that it can detect the very early pre-clinical stages or manifestations of a disease. This earlier detection of medical issues has made the method of NLSdiagnostic scanning very popular for therapists.

The Metatron’s findings are computer-controlled, accurate and comprehensive. No longer do we have to depend solely on the accuracy of opinion based diagnosis. Researchers can now accurately detect and monitor any changes of the bioresonance of any organs, tissues, cells, even down to molecular changes in DNA, enzymes and hormones that could be an early warning or the cause of a disease. There is now NO guessing and incredible accuracy.


However, individuals who had access to the technology in the early 1990s were able to steal some of the intellectual property and technology from the original Russian developers. Russia was emerging from the communist controlled society towards their form of a corrupt kind of a capitalist society, with its greed and profit motive. Around the early 1990s several of the communist controllers sold the technology to foreigners and then apparently retired with their ill-gotten gains.

The stolen technology and intellectual property quickly became recognised as ‘hot property’ and many opportunists were quick to copy the electronics and software. The computer systems and security in Russia at the time was easy to copy. This led to the production of many FAKE SCANNERS and currently the true owners of the technology (IPP) are prosecuting offenders who are profiteering from the stolen property and several criminals have been sent to goal. The Russians are taking the theft of their intellectual property very seriously. IPP had taken out several international patents on their NLS technology.

Realizing what had happened the original Russian developers reformed and under the guidance of Vladimir Nesterov the team was able to complete the development and slowly bring the technology into commercial reality. Today over 50 countries have recognised and approved the Metatron Scanners as serious medical devices.


Because of the popularity and success of this NLS-diagnostic technology there has been many attempts, by unscrupulous individuals and companies, to clone this method of diagnostic scanning. Numerous clones produced by dishonest manufactures, who have stolen the idea and technology, make claims that their systems have the same unique features of the “Metatron”, have appeared in many places throughout the world. Many fakes have appeared with various names such as: DACOM, AURUM, SENSITIVEIMBAGO, INTRASPECT, PHYSIOSPECT, VECTOR, BIOLAZ-OBERON and dozens of other names.

IPP together with the International Academy of non-linear diagnostic systems took the initiative to carry out an independent quality examination of several samples of these fake products. The results of this expert evaluation of all the fake products made it clear that these devices were non-functional and only imitated a diagnostic check-up. No wonder that no manufacturer of these fake products have never been able to have their devices certified or recognised by regulatory authorities as medical devices.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) owns the “Intellectual Property” and the “International Patents” of NLS scanning devices that were stolen from the company. The Russian Police and Interpol are actively prosecuting offenders and closing down the companies who either sell or manufacture these fake devices. Please be aware of these stolen fake devices as there are many branded look-alike units being sold worldwide.