Kalaya Emu Oil 250 ml

  Kalaya Pure Emu Oil   Emu Oil is one of the most versatile natural medicines found on earth. It is safe with no known side-effe … Read more
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Kalaya Pure Emu Oil


Emu Oil is one of the most versatile natural medicines found on earth. It is safe with no known side-effects. It should be found in the medicine chest and on the kitchen table of every home.


There are many peer-reviewed studies and numerous reports which have found  “Kalaya Highly Biologically Active Emu Oil” to be far more effective than many prescribed drugs and unnatural chemical remedies that are often recommended to relieve suffering caused by inflammatory conditions.


Australian Indigenous peoples have been using emu oil for at least 1000 years, possibly much longer. Emu Oil could be one of the oldest medicines on earth. But it is only in the last 20 years that modern scientific research has established the amazing healing power of “Highly Biologically Active Emu Oil”. However, many Emu Oils are not biologically active, which reduces their medical effectiveness. Less active oils usually come from farmers with cross-bred emu flocks and tend to make false claims about the medicinal potency of the oil.


“Highly Biologically Active Emu Oil” is only achieved by having quality controls over the entire production process; from the farm to the rendering of the oil, to the presenting of the finished product.


Genetics, nutrition, and correct farming practices, combined with a rendering plant that compiles with the highest standards ensure a consistently superior product. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the strict management of the highest quality assurance standards throughout the oil rendering production process (ISO 9002 standard) are essential to consistently produce “Highly biologically active emu Oil”


Kalaya Pure Emu Oil is excellent for helping inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and skin disorders, which cause pain and irritation. Soothing relief is often experienced within minutes of topical application, and the healing properties continue with each application of this amazing natural oil.

Kalaya Pure Emu Oil is highly penetrating, bacteriostatic, non-irritating and a hypoallergenic nutrient. Studies have found Emu Oil increases skin thickness, stimulates hair growth, soothes symptoms of arthritis, and has beneficial effects on a variety of wounds, including infections, burns, insect bites and pressure sores. Kalaya Pure Emu Oil has been approved for human consumption, both orally and topically.

Emu Oil is a complex natural medicine that has finally been listed by the TGA as a ‘Complementary Medicine’.


Physical-chemical Characteristics                              Percentage

Free Fatty Acid                                                            0.33

Acid Value                                                                    0.66

Peroxide Value                                                            1.53

Moisture                                                                       0.03

Refractive Index @ 40 Centigrade                            1.4606

Fatty Acid Composition                                             

C-14:0 (Myristic)                                                          0.4

C-16:0 (Palmitic)                                                          21.5

C-16:1 (Palmitoleic)                                                    3.7

C-18:0 (Stearic)                                                            10.6

C-18:1 (Oleic)                                                               51.4

C-18:2 (Linoleic)                                                          12.7

C-18:3 (Linolenic)                                                        0.9

Calculated Iodine Value                                              69.7



500 g
50 mm
95 mm
160 mm