Nutrisoft Emerald

This cheaper version is devoted to basic functions. It has also been used at home. It can be used by compatible Windows 7 machines. In January 2014, the corresponding Japanese version was released. (Basic function introduction) to tune the natural frequency possessed  by the cell and each organ, to read the status of energy (which can also be selected by site) by scanning the whole body on the screen by evaluating the six results levels and markings. Thus, you can learn visually whether the persons’ health and/or energy level of any site  is balanced or is deteriorating. It offers solutions by proposing to lower various foods and ingredients intakes depending on the result,  and options to increase energy, and power stone remedies and aromatherapy, flower essences, homeopathy effective.  

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics has developed new and relatively cheap hardware-software system "Metatron - 4017" with "NutriSoft-Emerald" software which has many of "Metapathia GR Hunter" software functions.  As in "Metatron  4025" model, continuous spiral scanning block is also used in this system which increases by 3 times the patient investigation speed and accuracy of diagnostics. 

 "NutriSoft-Emerald" program has :

- mineral and gems spectrums which allows individual and biological compatible selection of gems for constant bearing and also allows litotherapy, which means therapeutic action by spectrum mineral emanation.

- widened vegetative medication spectrums and also there are some images of various plants are shown and a possibility of phytotherapy, which means therapeutic action by plant spectrum.

- an increased number of anatomical, histological and cytological organs images, including dental module.

- software just like "Metapathia GR Hunter 4025 Software has the possibility of “virtual multidimensional scanning” which allows localizing of pathology nidus automatically, in the following order: anatomical – histological – cytological stages.

- One of the most doubtless advantages of new “Metatron – 4017” hardware-software complex with “NutriSoft-Emerald” program is the combination of low price and product high quality.